VISUALIZE Business Performance USING a modern DAY campfire

What if your colleagues or clients could notice trends, KPIs, events or anything expressible in color by glancing at a glowing beacon?

Engage your office in CONTINUOUS IMPROVEMENT

A BI-Beacon is the modern day camp fire where people gather to discuss continuous improvement.

Teams at your office or at your clients know what they want to improve:

  • support response times
  • delivery times
  • code quality metrics
  • … or something else!

But how do they keep improving those metrics together as a team? How does the discussion on improvement happen? The BI-Beacon changing color will both invite and spark conversations about the state of affairs.

The BI-Beacon is controllable by any business system with internet access. Lean for real!

Expand your business offering

Can you see how you would use BI-Beacon in your business, or at clients?

Contact us to get a BI-Beacon to try out!

We are looking for business partners!

We offer a standard edition, and a premium edition of the BI-Beacon. The premium edition means you can put your logotype inside a 3D laser engraving, giving your marketing department something to brag about.


Multisoft - business system integration and development consultancy

MEVISIO - digital platform for visualization and teamwork

Eficode - DevOps and change management consultancy

Your developers will love controlling a BI-BEACON

The BI-Beacon is controlled via standard POST requests, making it easily programmable from any operating system, programming language, or scripting language. Examples in just about any programming language are available. Ask any developer around you, and they'll say "no problem!".

BI-Beacon is being re-branded from it's prototype name CILAMP, so anytime you see CILAMP mentioned, just think BI-Beacon.



# Bash: Set 'beacon-1' to green
curl -F "color=#00FF00" ""

# In Python: Set 'beacon-1' to green'',
              {'color': '#00ff00'})

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